Delhi, the capital of India, has a rich history. The city is dotted with spellbinding mosques, forts, and monuments left over from the Mughal rulers that once occupied the city. The contrast between rambling Old Delhi and well planned New Delhi is immense, and it’s interesting to spend time exploring both. If you feel in need of some relaxation, just head to one of Delhi’s flourishing landscaped gardens.

What to visit in Delhi?

Qutab Minar

Qutab Minar, the tallest brick minaret in the world, is an incredible example of early Indo–Islamic architecture. It was built in 1206, but the reason remains a mystery. Some believe that it was made to signify victory and the beginning of Muslim rule in India, while others say it was used to call the faithful to prayer. The tower has five distinct stories, and is covered with intricate carvings and verses from the holy Quran. 

India Gate

The towering archway of India Gate at the center of New Delhi is a war memorial, built in memory of the Indian soldiers who lost their lives fighting for the British Army in World War I. At night it glows warmly under floodlights, and the gardens that line its boulevard are a popular place to enjoy a warm summer’s evening.

Lotus Temple

The Bahai Temple is commonly called the Lotus Temple, as it’s shaped like a lotus flower. It’s particularly pretty at night, when it’s attractively lit up. Made out of concrete covered in white marble, the temple belongs to the Bahai Faith, which proclaims the unity of all people and religions.

Red Fort

Delhi’s most famous monument, the Red Fort, stands not only as a powerful reminder of the Mughal era India but also a symbol of India’s struggle for freedom. It was build by fifth Mughal emperor Shah Jahan, when he decided to shift his capital there from Agra in 1638. The fort’s turbulent history includes being captured by the Sikhs and the British. To take your imagination back to the ancient era, a one hour sound and light show of the fort’s history is held each evening.

When we think of Kerela the only thing come to mind is palm trees, crashing surf, coffee plantations, hill retreats, silent backwaters, rice paddies and beautiful national parks, that are home to a host of wildlife.  Kerala is a South Indian state on the southwestern, Malabar Coast. Kerala is one of the best tourist place in India and attract thousands of visitors every year. Kerela is also known as God’s Own Country. Kerela has a lot to offer from hill stations and tea plantations, to national parks that are home to tigers and elephants, to beaches. It provide a serene backdrop to any Kerala experience.

Where to visit in Kerela?


Kochi is the the starting point for many travellers in Kerala. It is one of Kerala’s most popular tourist spots and transport hubs. Take a walk down wandering the old lanes of Fort Cochin between colonial houses, organic cafes, art galleries, churches and boutiques. The Cherai Beach is one of the most popular and clean beaches of Kochi with a coastline stretching up to 15 kms. Its clear waters are ideal for swimming and surfing. Many dolphin sightings are often reported in the area making it truly unique. 


Munnar is the major attraction place of Kerela. The rolling hills of Munnar has the largest tea plantations in South India. Most visitors come to soak up the ambience and enjoy being surrounded by the beauty of the tea gardens. You should plan your holiday for half a week at least if you wish to enjoy this destination fully. The most wonderful time for visiting Munnar is from April to May, this is the peak season and receives huge rush.


Allappuzha is home to the famous backwaters of Kerala. It was originally a small fishing village that has now become one of India’s most popular tourist destinations. The land of dreamy sunsets and calming skies provides every dose of living the laidback life. Surrounded by the roaring waves and quaint little thatched roofs hidden behind swaying palm trees, allow the current in the Alleppey backwaters guide you to a different world. The best time to visit Alappuzha is from November to February.


There are three main beaches which are lined together along the coastal line of 1 Km are Kovalam beach, Hawa beach and Samudra beach. Out of these beaches, the Kovalam beach attracts the most. With its white sand, mesmerizing sunset, clean beach, low tidal waves and hippie culture, it is the favorite place for the visitors. You will see people surfing, sunbathing, swimming, yoga and Ayurvedic massage at Kovalam beach. The best time to visit Kovalam is between October to January.

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