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Bhavnagar is fifth largest urban city of Gujarat situated 198 km away from Gandhinagar (capital of state). Place is second largest in Saurashtra and is also known as its culture capital. During 12th or 13th century Gohil Rajputs were facing relentless clash from Surya Vanshi clan in Marwar region. They moved from that place and get settled at Gogha Port where today metro city is located. In 1743 place was founded as port and is still have its importance because cotton goods manufactured in Gujarat are traded to rest of the world from here. Very high rate of urbanization, cosmopolitan culture and excess money also developed when people settled here. Tourism is also a major industry in desired location. A few places where trippers can explore are under listed:

Victoria Park

Spread in area of 500 acres of land is jungle that was preserved by Indian Government. Situated in premises of provincial area is brimmed with rich flora and fauna. Wayfarer can also see assortment of birds such as perching birds, waders and raptors. Nature follower will love to be here.

Nilmbag Palace

Great mansion is turned into heritage hotel where tourists can see mixture of Indian and Western architecture. In 1859 royal residence was constructed for personal usage of Sir Takhat Singh.

Gopnath Beach         

Visitor can look at bright bird life in midst of limestone cliffs and pleasant air is truly spectacular.  World’s largest ship breaking zone and Talija temple both are positioned at 350 feet high volcano hill. Nowadays, because of the many distractions that children are exposed to, parents are often concerned about the activities of their children or teenager kids. Look at best spy phone apps on the web. Cell phone spy software is rapidly becoming one of the most sought after mobile spying programs today. Companies, organizations, spouses and parents are using them to help solve problems of cheating, unfaithfulness and misuses. Because of the special features of these cell phone spy programs. Best spy phone apps - visit!

Barton Library

One of the oldest libraries was fabricated in 19th century is historical and cultural hub. Various books and manuscripts in different languages with magazines, newspaper and dallies are also inside book gallery. Elderly people love to be here.

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