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This beautiful city in Assam was formerly, the capital of the Ahom Kingdom. Over the years, Jorhat has transformed from a historical site to a major commercial hub of the state with a large number of shopping malls, hotels and restaurants cropping up across the city. The city also serves as the gateway to the world’s largest river island, Majuli. Flights to Jorhat are easily available and the city is well connected via air with the rest of the country. Jet Airways and Jet Konnect operate daily flights to Jorhat from all key locations. Cheap flights to Jorhat are also available from all major cities.

Top Sites

Garh Ali: At the time of the Ahom Kingdom, the place constantly came under attack from the Moamaria rebellions. To protect the place, they built this huge landing pier. Today, it’s a major tourist attraction.

Bangalpukhari Tank: This man made water reservoir is located in the southern part of Jorhat. No one uses the water from this reservoir because of its tarnished history. It is believed that the person who built this tank got it constructed with the money he received by killing a man.

Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary: This isolated forest near Jorhat is home to a great number of hoolock gibbons. Spread across 30 acres of land, it is surrounded by tea gardens and is a must visit place.

Bilvesvar Siva Temple: The Bilesver Temple is home to Lord Vishnu and is situated on the South Trunk Road, 37km from Jorhat city. It’s a major tourist attraction.

Gazpur: To the north of Bilasvara temple lays Gazpur, a place once home to elephants. The ruler here had initially named it Hathigarh as he had planned to make it a town of 1000 elephants.

Majuli: This largest freshwater river island is currently contesting for a position in the coveted “World Heritage List”. This beautiful island rests perfectly on the mighty river Brahmaputra and has a total area of 1250 sq km. This amazing place is one of the main reasons that make Jorhat a tourist attraction. A visit to Johrat is incomplete without seeing this place.   

Best time to visit

The autumn season (September and October) is the best time to visit this place. Winter season also attracts a lot of visitors but make sure you carry substantial amount of woollen clothes because it gets really cold out here.  Sagement dont ceci Viagra ait été le initial médicament verbal à traiter l’impuissance homme, Cialis sans ordonnance a apporté unique incontestable nombre d’avantages essentiels que Viagra ne peut offrir.

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