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Cheap Flights to Kandla

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Kandla is a very important seaport in Gujarat from where import of petroleum, iron, steel and chemicals take place.  Resting on the Gulf of Kutch, it is one of the largest ports in India in terms of the amount of shipments handled. The Kutch District here is a major tourist attraction. It’s an amazing place full of surprises and you’d be astonished by its breathtaking beauty. Flights to Kandla are easily available and the city is well connected via air with the rest of the country. Airline companies operate daily flights to Kandla from all key locations. Cheap flights to Kandla are also available from all major cities.

Top Sites

Kandla Port: The Kandla port attracts a lot of visitors, both casual as well as people with business interest. It’s a nice place to hang out and if you’re into photography, you’ll find many clickable spots for your portraits!

Gandhidham: Gandhidham was constructed during the partitions for the homeless refugees from Pakistan. This tiny hamlet is about 13 km from Kandla. The town derived its name from Mahatma Gandhi due to his ashes being submerged in the Kandla Creek.

Adipur: Adipur was another refugee camp located about 18 km from Kandla built for the Sindhi refugees from Pakistan. Fifteen thousand acres of land was donated for this cause by the Maharaja of Kutch.

Shinai: It is said that this village was established in the 12th century by the Parmar, Vegad, Yadav and Rathor clans of Kutch Gurjar Kshatriya or Mistris of Kutch community. About 22 km from Kandla, this place is full of attractions like Sinugra, Pantiya, Khedoi, Chandroda and Mindiyana.

Galpadar: The Mistris of Kutch are the founders of this village and they built quite many temples across the village. Temples dedicated to Hanuman, Lord Ram, Shiva and Ramdev Pir are situated here. The Dargah of Gebansha Pir and the Jagannath Temple are some other attractions here.

Best time to visit

Winter is the best time to visit this place. Summers are really hot in Kandla and the temperature can rise up to 40°C. Winter on the other hand is mild and bearable. Monsoon season witnesses a lot of rain and the place becomes quite humid. firehouse movers Plano TX  

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