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Kanchipuram is in the state of Tamil Nadu, and is located on the western bank of the Palar River. Such a location already hints at the impressive scenery that can be seen while in this remarkable city. 

This city is often referred to as the \'golden city of a thousand temples\'. With such a catch phrase associated with Kanchipuram, you automatically know that although there are not literally one thousand temples in the area, there is a vast array of beautiful temples that can be seen. With so many temples, it is no wonder that this city is a popular pilgrimage spot for people who belong to the Hindu religion. 

Kanchipuram is considered one of the Seven Sacred Cities of India. In this context, it is particularly known for being the seat for bearing culture and philosophy. With such an association being made with this city, it only makes sense that this location has become such a cultural center in modern times. 

Besides its religious and cultural significances, Kanchipuram is also a strong commerce center. This exceptional city is especially known for producing some of the finest silk in the entire world. 


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