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Sirmour is the most south-eastern district of Himachal Pradesh, India. It is largely mountainous and rural, with 90% of its population living in villages. It includes the towns of Nahan (its capital), as well as the Shivalik Fossil Park at Suketi, where fossils of over 85 million years old have been found.
Agriculture is the backbone of economy here. Farmers of Sirmour produce potato and ginger. Sirmour is also known for its good quality of peach that comes from the Rajgarh region which is also called the Peach Bowl. Sirmour is known for growing tons of fruits every year. Dhaula Kuan near Paonta Sahib is known for its Govt operated fruit research centre. Sirmour district is significantly capable of growing both Apple and Mangos on its land. Tomato is also becoming choice for farmers these days. Village Lana-cheta is known for its fertile land and farmers here grow grains as first option. The Giri River divides the district into two almost-equal parts: Giripar and Giriwar.
The most commonly practised religion in the district is Hinduism. People worship deities (devtas) just like people in many other districts of the state. Hindi and Pahari are the languages spoken here. Nati is the popular folk dance.

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