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A region of many similarities as well as distinct differences, Southeast Asia undoubtedly offers some of the most exciting travel destinations. A wide range of activities and unique sights can all be had in this part of Asia. Southeast Asia has long been a favored destination for adventurous travelers.
Southeast Asia comprises Brunei, Cambodia, East Timor, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, The Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. With the exception of East Timor, they are all members of ASEAN, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.
Petronas Towers, Malaysia (South East Asia Tour)
When you think of South East Asia, what immediately comes to mind are breathtaking pagodas, temples and monuments, a pristine cultural heritage of civilizations dating back thousands of years, beautiful people dressed in colorful ethnic attire, traditional warm hospitality, delectable gourmet dishes, pleasant weather. Popular attractions in the region include the complex of temples and citie around Angkor wat, cambodia. Kingdom of Thailand with its irresistible combination of breathtaking natural beauty and inspiring temples. The limestone cliffs and islands of Halong bay, the Night Safari in Singapore,the multitude of Buddhist pagodas of Pagan, travel to the beautiful island of Penang in Malaysia and the petronas towers, visit highland plantations, a Kuala Lumpur orchid farm and antique shops in historic Malacca.
Cambodia - Savour the splendour of Angkor Wat - the most important archeological site in Southeast Asia is truly one of the wonders of the world, with 105 square kilometers of temples and other ancient structures. Explore the charming capital of Phnom Penh or relax on a near deserted island off the Cambodian coast.
Thailand - From steaming Bangkok to the swaying palms of Ko Phi Phi, Thailand hits the spot. Be it a sleepy beach bungalow or a challenging hilltribe trek, the ornate Buddhist temples in Bangkok, ride an elephant to hilltribe villages, relax on stunning island beaches, you will get all kind of experience.
Vietnam - Regardless of if you're sailing through the magnificent Ha Long Bay, wandering the mountains by Sapa, exploring the battlefields across the DMZ, or just lazing on a laidback tropical beach, the famous tunnels of Cu Chi will give you a new perspective on the Vietnam War, cruise exquisite Halong Bay with its limestone peaks and floating villages, marvel at Imperial Hue. Vietnam has something for everyone.
Singapore (Little India) - Hear the word Singapore and you can't resist yourself from shopping. Its just shop till you drop. But give quintessentially Asian and gleamingly clean Singapore a chance and you'll see she really has much more to offer than duty-free shopping.
Indonesia - This is a country of fantastic cultural diversity, made up of over 300 ethnic groups and 17,000 islands. With attractions ranging from rainforests to volcanoes, sophisticated resorts to deserted white sand beaches, the world's largest archipelago really does have it all to offer to an adventurous visitor.
laos - A fascinating culture, stunning natural beauty and a wealth of activities make Laos a superb holiday destination.
Myanmar (Burma) - is home to exquisite temples and pagodas spectacular scenery and fascinating culture.
In short, a breathtaking mix of natural beauty, culture, and cuisine! Nothing would be better than a perfect vacation package to enjoy each of these lovely countries in South East Asia!

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